Invited speakers will be informed about their accommodation shortly.
Limited accommodation is available for other participants on payment and first come first served basis after registration. The participants may contact the organizing committee in the following address:

The participants are requested only to send accommodation request and not to pay immediately. They need to pay only after receiving accommodation confirmation from the organizing committee via email They are requested to subsequently update their accommodation details in the registration links.

The rates are given below:

  1. Bhagirathi Guest house, SNBNCBS (Single bedroom) : INR 400/night  All rooms are filled.
  2. Basundhara Guest house, SNBNCBS (shared) : INR 300/night
  3. IIT Kharagpur guest house, Kolkata (Shared): INR 700/night
    Please Visit for IIT Kharagpur Guest House
  4. Meghnad Saha Abasan- II (near Ruby Hospital) : INR 300/night (includes transport to the conference venue)

Accommodation details for invited speakers staying in SNBNCBS guest house

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences