Steady state phenomena in soft matter, active and biological systems

Urna Basu, Sakuntala Chatterjee, Punyabrata Pradhan and Jaydeb Chakrabarti
16 March 2023 to 18 March 2023
SSPSM 2023

Non-equilibrium systems have drawn considerable interests due to their ubiquitous presence. Systems of current interests, such as soft matter, active matter and biological systems, are rich areas where non-equilibrium steady state phenomena and transient phenomena to approach the steady state/equilibrium form the basis of their description. They are not only pedagogically important, they are relevant in various technological applications. These fields are rapidly evolving where new ideas and techniques are being introduced all the time. Here we make an attempt to introduce young researchers to this fast and ever evolving research field.


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Student Volunteers:

  1. Animesh Hazra
  2. Anirban Paul
  3. Chandradip Khamrai
  4. Ritwick Sarkar
  5. Suravi Pal