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Cray Supercomputing Facility

Cray XC50 system is the latest entry to SNBNCBS's HPC class of systems which includes 1 Cabinet, 6 Compute Blades which includes - 24 Compute Nodes, each with 2 X Intel SKL 6148 Processor, 12 X 16 GB 2666MHz Memory with 2 dedicated Boot Nodes with Boot RAID,2 dedicated Login Nodes, 2 dedicated IO Nodes, Cray Direct Attached Lustre Parallel File System with 120 TB Usable File System Capacity with RAID 6 configured with 4 TB NL-SAS drives, Cray Aries Interconnect, PBS Pro Workload Manager, Fully integrated Cray Programming Environment with Cray Compilers and tools, Intel Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition - 2 seats academic license.

Perfomance : 73.7 Tera FLOPs (Floating Point Operations per Second).

120 TB usable spaces provided by high speed storage unit supporting Cray's parallel Lustre filesystem.

Software environment : The entire system is built to operate using Cray's customized Linux OS, called Cray Linux Environment, for the cluster supporting architecture specific compilers from Cray as well as Intel and open-source based Gnu compilers. System also hosts architecture specific parallel libraries like OpenMP, MPI, CUDA and Intel Cluster software. Extensive range of parallel Scientific and Mathematical libraries like BLAS, LAPACK,Scalapack, fftw, hdf5, netcdf, PETSc, Trilinos etc. are also available on the system. To facilitate users with parallel program development latest version of the DDT parallel debugger and profiler is enabled for use on the system.

The system is accessible using login nodes with the IP address and can be used for launching jobs in batch execution mode. User is expected to ssh into the login nodes and create appropriate job scripts and submit these scripts to the PBSPro batch scheduling software. The parallel file system is accessible to users through job scripts and is meant for using during job execution.

CRAY  Current Status(Intranet)