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FS5 spectrofluorometer
  • Name of the equipment/facility: Fluorometer

  • Model: Edinburgh FS5 spectrofluorometer

  • Working Principle :

    Fluorescence describes a phenomenon where a molecular system absorbs, then emits light. In absorption high energy (short wavelength) light excites the system, promoting electrons within the molecule to transition from the ground state, to the excited state (see below). Once in this state, and after a lag period of several nano-seconds (the fluorescence lifetime), the electrons will relax back to the ground state, releasing their stored energy in an emitted photon. Due to the higher energy relaxation mechanism this emitted light is of a lower energy (longer wavelength) than the absorbed light. The difference between the excitation and the emission energy (wavelength) is termed the Stokes shift.

    Technical specification & Applications:


    • Optics: All-reflective for a wavelength independent focus with high brightness (small focus) at the sample
    • Source:150 W CW Ozone-free xenon arc lamp
    • Monochromators Czerny-Turner design with dual grating turret; plane gratings for accurate focus at all wavelength and minimum stray light
    • Spectral Coverage (Excitation): 230 nm - 1000 nm
    • Spectral Coverage (Emission):200 nm - >870 nm
    • Filter Wheels:Fully automated; included in both the excitation and emission monochromators
    • Bandpass: Excitation/Emission: 0 to 30 nm, continuously adjustable
    • Wavelength Accuracy:Excitation/Emission ± 0.5 nm
    • Scan Speed: Excitation/Emission100 nm/s
    • Integration Time: 1 ms - 200 s
    • Emission Detector: Photomultiplier R928P, spectral coverage 200 nm - 900 nm, cooled and stabilised
    • Reference Detector: UV enhanced silicon photodiode
    • Transmission Detector: UV enhanced silicon photodiode
    • Water Raman Signal:>400,000 cps at 397 nm emission, excitation 350 nm, 5 nm bandpass, 1 s integration time
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Water Raman Signal: SNR SQRT >10000:1
    • Dimensions: 104 cm (w) x 59 cm (d) x 32 cm (h)
    • Weight : 55 kg".
    • Applications: Photochemistry, Biochemistry, Material Research, Cell Biology, Pharmaceutical Research, Analytical Chemistry, Nano-medicine, Environmental Science, Food Science and Agriculture

    Photographs of the Scientific Results: