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FT IR Spectrophotometer
  • Name of the equipment/facility: FT IR Spectrophotometer

  • Model: Bruker VERTEX 70v

  • Working Principle :

    Rapid thermal anneal (RTA) is a subset of Rapid Thermal Processing. It is a process used in semiconductor device fabrication which consists of heating a single wafer at a time in order to affect its electrical properties. Unique heat treatments are designed for different effects. Wafers can be heated in order to activate dopants, change film-to-film or film-to-wafer substrate interfaces, densify deposited films, change states of grown films, repair damage from ion implantation, move dopants or drive dopants from one film into another or from a film into the wafer substrateFTIR Analysis measures the infrared region of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, which has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency than visible light, and is measurable in a sample when submitted to infrared radiation (IR). A simple device called an interferometer is used to identify samples by producing an optical signal with all the IR frequencies encoded into it. Then, the signal is decoded by applying a mathematical technique known as Fourier transformation. This computer-generated process then produces a mapping of the spectral information.

    Technical specification & Applications:

    The VERTEX 70v vacuum spectrometer is equipped with five beam exit ports and two beam input ports and offers the possibility to readily upgrade the systems with external measurement accessories, sources and detectors. This includes the following:

    • PMA 50 Polarization Modulation Accessory for VCD and PM-IRRAS
    • PL II Photoluminescence Module
    • RAM II FT-Raman module and the RamanScope III FT-Raman microscope
    • TGA-FT-IR coupling
    • HYPERION series FT-IR microscope
    • HYPERION 3000 FT-IR imaging system
    • HTS-XT High Throughput Screening eXTension
    • IMAC Focal Plane Array macro imaging accessory
    • External sample compartment XSA, evacuable or purgeable
    • External vacuum tight UHV chamber adaptation
    • Vacuum PL/PT/PR measurement unit
    • Fiber optic coupling unit with MIR or NIR fiber probes for solids and liquids
    • Large integrating spheres
    • Auto sampler devices
    • Applications: Life science research, Material Science research, detection of environmental pollutants, Food analysis and agriculture, Microbiology and Diagnostics, Mineral, Mining and Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals, Semiconductors and Nanotech, Nano medicine.

    Photographs of the Scientific Results: