S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences

Under Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Hindi Cell

The works executed by Hindi Cell in the Institute are as follows:


  • To organize Hindi Typing/Stenography/Language training/workshops for staff to motivate/promote them to do their Official work in Hindi.
  • To organize scientific and technical seminars/workshops for Reasarch Scholars and faculty to promote technical writing in Hindi

Translation works:

  • Administrative translation- Translation of Forms/Standard drafts,letters and Procedural materials.
  • Scientific and Technical translation- Translation of News Letters,Research Booklets, Research abstracts, Popular articles, Lectures and Executive summary of Annual reports.
  • Vetting of above translated materials.

To assist and acquaint in implementation of constitutional provisions related to Official Language to the staff:

  • Works regarding compliance of Official Language Policy and Rules.
  • Compliance of Annual Programme and Check Points regarding Official Language.
  • Organizing quarterly meetings of Official Language Committee of the Institute.
  • Collection and submission of quarterly, half yearly and annual reports regarding use of Official Language Hindi.
  • Organizing of Hindi Workshops for the staff.
  • Organizing of Hindi Weeks/Fortnights/Months.
  • Organizing competition of research paper writing in Hindi.
  • To encourage for increasing correspondence in Hindi in the Institute.
  • To assist in Hindi publication of the Institute.
  • To encourage Noting and Drafting in Hindi.
  • To encourage for entry in Hindi in registers as well as Service Books.
  • Compliance of Incentive Schemes for doing work in Hindi, in the form of cash prize.
  • “Aaj Ka Shabda”- a English word with its similar word in Hindi on every working day displays on the board.
  • Other works related to progressive use of Official Language- preparing in bilingual of rubber stamps, letter heads and sign-boards of the Institute.